Follow the water...

Nice here by the water, right? Then stay here for a while. Follow the banks of the Main against the direction of the river for a good half a kilometer. You walk directly towards a building that is an integral part of the city as a landmark. Enter it, enjoy the view of the city and solve the following task.

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Everyone knows it, whether as a popular photo motif or a symbol of love. At 174 meters long and 5.44 meters wide, the construction, which was originally planned as a suspension bridge, is also a true technical masterpiece.

To make sure that you don't do any crooked things, please take a nice picture of yourself or your team in front of the water house or any other souvenir photo and upload it here to unlock the quiz question.

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Awesome – here comes the riddle:

What is the name of the architect of the iron footbridge?

A – Peter Schmick
Solution phrase: freedom and life
B – Josef Schmitt
Solution phrase: wisdom and love
C – Roland Schick
Solution phrase:  knowledge and truth
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