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Orient yourself at the cathedral. You first walk past it, then across the square of the same name, the street and past the parking garage of the same name - to the next “animal court”: here you continue left, along a popular culinary meeting point for Frankfurters. Tip: if you set off during business hours, don't turn right away, but walk a few meters further and then through the culinary halls!

When you get to the end, turn right, follow the street straight ahead for about 80m, and enter the “Place of Silence” through a small, inconspicuous entrance in the sharpening alley opposite Cinnamon and Coriander. Note: if you look up, someone will even show you the way... ;)

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GOAl : PLace of Silence

The hidden monastery courtyard of the Capuchin monastery, the Church of Our Lady, is a place for deceleration and reflection – and is therefore also known as the "Place of Silence".

Enjoy the peace and quiet amidst all the hustle and bustle of the city center and stop briefly in the arcade to light a candle (for a small donation).

To make sure that you don't do any crooked things, please take a nice picture of yourself or your team in front of the water house or any other souvenir photo and upload it here to unlock the quiz question.

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Awesome – here comes the riddle:

The waiter at the “Café Liebfrauenberg” next door has written a book from which he sometimes quotes for his guests – what is it called?

A – Life is Beautiful
Solution phrase: no one else
B – Life is too short for sometime
Solution phrase: all those
C – Life is a cappuccino
Solution phrase: love I ever had;
Ups... da ist wohl etwas schief gelaufen! Bitte überprüfe deine Eingaben.